–Arts and letters for the modern age–

Cathode Ray Zone

–Arts and Letters for the Modern Age–

Cathode Ray Zone

We are pleased to present Cathode Ray Zone, a webzine devoted to arts, letters, and popular culture.

You will find many of your favorite writers and podcasters from the Electric Agora at the new CRZ, including Robert Gressis, EJ Winner, Kevin Currie-Knight, Mark English, Miroslav Imbrisevic, and Jay Jeffers, as well as yours truly.

Returning with her distinctive and striking art designs is Mariah Gregg-Fling. And graphic novel writer and tech-extraordinaire, Milton Lawson, will be heading up our new fiction section, as well as taking the reign’s as CRZ’s tech lead.

We are launching in stages, which means that not all of the pages or functionalities of CRZ will be available from day one.  Announcements will precede the unveiling of these features over the next few weeks, which include: an improved phone/mobile browsing experience, podcast content, and some information on submissions. Also, we will soon be launching a “letters to the editor” form where you can share your thoughts on our content with the editorial team.

Also, we encourage discussion and interaction with us on social media. We are @cathoderayzone on Twitter as well as @cathoderayzone on Instagram.

We look forward to seeing you in the Cathode Ray Zone!

–Daniel A. Kaufman, Founder and Publisher

Daniel A. Kaufman

Founder and Publisher

Daniel A. Kaufman got his B.A. in history and philosophy at the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. He is Professor of Philosophy at Missouri State University, and his main areas of interest are aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language.

He is the author of numerous articles in philosophy, including “Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Philosopher” (Philosophy), “Family Resemblances, Relationalism, and the Meaning of ‘Art’” (The British Journal of Aesthetics), and “Interpretation and the Investigative Model of Criticism” (Angelaki). He also hosts the Sophia program, a show devoted to philosophy and the humanities, more generally.

Milton Lawson

Fiction Editor, Technical Lead

Milton Lawson is a writer and web developer based in Houston, Texas. His first comic series, Thompson Heller: Detective Interstellar, is now in comic shops. In 2023, his next series, Orson Welles: Warrior of the Worlds, will make its debut. If he’s not working on a writing project, Milton is probably watching a film or rooting for a sports team that causes distress.

Mariah Gregg-Fling

Art and Design

CRZ’s house artist and graphic designer, Mariah Gregg-Fling is an artist, illustrator, and holds a BS in Philosophy from Missouri State University and a MPA from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. In her free time you can find her enjoying the outdoors, and hanging with friends and family. Check out more of her work on Instagram @motherofpearl_art or at www.motherofpearl-art.com