–Arts and letters for the modern age–

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–Arts and Letters for the Modern Age–

from MLB:Joe Musgrove is now poised to become a world record holder! He threw the fastest pitch on the coldest continent on Earth, an 86-mph fastball in Antarctica. https://t.co/9wJ5kmJU3j

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from alicexz:Aaaaaa it’s out 😱 I did the official badge art for this year’s Star Wars Celebration, one of the biggest projects I’ve ever taken on!! Thank you so much to the team at Lucasfilm and @SW_Celebration for the opportunity ✨♥️ and check out my interview over at @starwars! https://t.co/e7YmohCQ27

from cathoderayzone:Interesting article, though in mentioning the advantages of new racquet “technology,” it fails to mention the downsides: loss of control; shrinking of toolbox; development of bad form; laziness in footwork and court positioning; etc. https://t.co/xGioWZYIDX